Adoptions & Birth Family Locates:  Aspen Genealogy has been assisting people in finding their birth family connections since 2010 using various public databases to find DNA matches.  

Family Tree Books:  These make a great gift for any occasion!  They are sent as a PDF and can be printed and shared among the family.  Begin creating your legacy today!

Family Tree Wall Charts:  Pedigree wall charts can be a single page of paper or span a fireplace hearth, and can include any background image of your choice. Examples include a family photo, the family pet, a vacation spot or a favorite sports team.  

Native American Ancestry:  Many people grow up hearing stories about Native American ancestors in their family.  Finding these connections requires a special knowledge and understanding of tribes and how the U.S. government viewed and classified this population.  Aspen Genealogy has been doing this genealogy since 2005.

Record Pulls and Photo Requests:  Although the internet contains millions of genealogy records, there are still numerous documents that are housed in libraries and historical societies and have not been digitized.  If you're looking for additional information from repositories such as the Indiana State Library or the Indiana Historical Society, please contact me.  Photos of your family's land, buildings, businesses or headstones can also be obtained upon request.