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Research & Record Pulls

Family Trees,

Family Tree Charts

  • In the order form below you will first select a Family Tree Chart. Examples can be found here
  • Then choose a Background Image. Examples can be found here
  • Lastly, you can leave instructions for how you want your Chart customized. Be as detailed as possible. Examples can be found here

Customized Family Tree Charts are $30.00 paid in advance.  An invoice will be sent once you have selected your Chart options. You are allowed up to three edits of the same Chart and the final is yours to keep and copy.

Printed copies are available on high quality stock paper for $5.00 each, plus $5.00 for Shipping within the U.S.


Order Family Tree Charts

Family Tree Research and Record Pulls

There is no charge for the initial set-up of your Family Tree with the information you provide (See Family Trees). The research rate is $25/hour and is paid in advance.* On average it takes about four hours to identify six to seven generations in one person's tree. Locating documents and images requires additional research. You may request a full records search be done on one or more specific persons and request that no research done on others. Research time may be purchased using the options below or by sending a check (no money orders, please) to:

    Aspen Genealogy

    P.O. Box 17491

    Indianapolis, IN 46217

If you have a particular goal in mind, such as finding your great-grandfather, and he is identified before the hour is up, the hourly fee is pro-rated in 15-minute increments and the unused portion is refunded.  For example:  If research begins at 2:00 pm and your great-grandfather is located at 2:30 pm, you are only charged for the 30 minutes.

Upon completion, you may request a copy of your Family Tree file. This will allow you to maintain it on a free site such as or use it in a family tree software program such as Legacy. You can then update your tree as your family grows and changes.

Printed copies of documents and images found during research are available:

$.15 per black & white copy

$.25 per color copy

$5.00 for Shipping within the U.S.

* Special projects outside the scope of regular research/record pulls are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Ordering Family Tree Charts and Books

Your completed Family Tree Charts and Books are yours to copy and share as much as you like. They can be sent to you as a PDF via email or printed on high quality stock paper and mailed to you, ready for framing. In order to create a Family Tree Chart or a Family Tree Book, your family tree must first be in a GEDCOM file. Learn more about that here.

Family Tree Books

Family Tree Books and Booklets use Standard Pedigree Charts which are black and white, 8.5"x11", and in portrait format. They cannot be customized when in a book or booklet. Customized Charts can be ordered at left.

Family Tree Booklet:

Set-up Fee Deposit: $25*

Includes One (1) Standard Pedigree Chart showing the Primary Person plus up to four generations.

  Additional Standard Pedigree Charts depicting generations that extend beyond those in the Primary Person's Chart may be purchased for $2.00 each.

  *An invoice will be sent for the balance. 

Family Tree Book
Set-up Fee Deposit: $75*

Includes Standard Pedigree Charts for all generations connected to the Primary Person.
Table of Contents
Name Index

20 Documents or Images, your choice

  *An invoice will be sent for the balance.

- - - -
Additional Documents or Images are $1.00 per page. Multiple Documents or Images may be combined on one page when it does not hinder the ability to clearly depict the contents.

Documents are records that are considered "official" in some capacity such as land deeds, marriage records or military files. Images include photos of people, locations, headstones, objects, structures, or copies of newspaper clippings. 

Order a Family Tree Booklet or Book