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Thank you so much! You have done SO much work on my family tree and the photos that you were able to find are invaluable to me!
Anthony, Ind.
I just wanted to thank you for all your help! You've cleared away many of the stumbling blocks! I would like to uncover some more at a later time but you do a great job! Keep connecting people with their pasts!
Kevin, Penn.
One can never thank you enough for tracing my ancestors. Wow -- they include Revolutionary War heroes, important Native American leaders, friends of George Washington, and so much more!
Gina, Ohio

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Indiana Genealogical Society
Wow!!! You're amazing!! I can't believe how quickly you were able to find this much info...I am in awe over my great and great great's amazing to me that I went through life not even knowing this info or even being told about these people.
Precila, N.M.
National Genealogical Society