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Like roots of the Aspen, we are all connected.

Records may include:

  • Photos of your Ancestors
  • Marriage / Divorce Records
  • Birth / Death Records
  • Military Service Records
  • Native American Records
  • Daughters and/or Sons of the American Revolution applications
  • Land Ownership
  • Grave Markers (headstones)
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Yearbook Images
  • Pension Records
  • Maps

Getting started on your Family Tree

It only takes a little information to get started building your family tree. It is not necessary to have all the exact details; just provide your best guess.  We begin with your relatives who were living in or before 1940 - your parents, grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, etc.  Census records are the primary source used to begin Family Tree research and because of privacy laws, there are no census records available after 1940.
Send as much as you can of the following:
First and Last Names - including maiden and middle names, if known *
Birth and Death dates - or the approximate year, or close to it
Birth and Death locations - the state where born or died, if known, or the general area, i.e., Southeastern U.S.

* If we are searching a common last name such as Smith or Jones, middle and maiden names can be helpful in distinguishing your ancestor from others with the same name.  Additionally, n
ame spellings changed and varied over the years due to a number of reasons: language barriers, foreign accents, and poor spelling, to name a few.  When variations of an individual's name appear in research results, different strategies are used to confirm it is the correct person. 

Send your information to: