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Standard Pedigree Chart(s); Included in all books

Family Tree Books

Family Tree Books and Booklets use Standard Pedigree Charts which are black and white, 8.5"x11", and in portrait format. They cannot be customized when in a book or booklet. Customized Charts can be ordered at left.

Family Tree Booklet:
Includes One (1) Standard Pedigree Chart showing the Primary Person plus up to four generations.
  Additional Standard Pedigree Charts depicting generations that extend beyond those in the Primary Person's Chart may be purchased for $2.00 each.
  *An invoice will be sent for the balance. 

Family Tree Book
Includes Standard Pedigree Charts for all generations connected to the Primary Person.
Table of Contents
Name Index
20 Documents or Images, your choice
  *An invoice will be sent for the balance.
- - - -
Additional Documents or Images are $1.00 per page. Multiple Documents or Images may be combined on one page when it does not hinder the ability to clearly depict the contents.

Documents are records that are considered "official" in some capacity such as land deeds, marriage records or military files. Images include photos of people, locations, headstones, objects, structures, or copies of newspaper clippings.

Front cover - you design it

Includes three (3) edits

Passenger & Immigration Records and Ships


Birth, Marriage, Death Records

Land Deeds and Maps

Newspaper Articles

Table of Contents

Family Tree Book options

Military Documents

Native American Records

Photos of People

Places Connected to Your History